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Maritime Mail                                                  S.S. "ALT AI"

                                           Hamburg American Line (HAP AG)
                  1903 (June) Jamaica picture postcard wild Falls stamp tied by single line "ALTAI" hand
                 stamp in RED applied at sea. Arrived in New York where "PAQUEBOT (N.Y. 2D DIV)
                  1903" (picture side). Hamburg arrival eds on front.  ,  I I A L TA I ' '
                 his applied, eds "NEW YORK, FOR. BCH JUN 23

                                            UNION  POSTALE  UN

                        Only recorded Jamaican stamp usage with "ALTAI" his (ex-Swarbrick).
                  S.S. "ALTAI'' - built 1897, 2,480 tons, cargo vessel for the Atlas Steamship Company as
                  a fruitship for the Liverpool-Canary Island trade. She was sold to the Hamburg American
                  Line  in  1901  for  the  West Indies  ATLAS  SERVICE  as  a  fruit  carrier to New York.
                  Photo-copy  of Altai  and  information  from  "Steamship  Lines  to  the  Caribbean"  by
                  Michael R. Rego, published by the British West Indies Study Circle (2005).

                                      Altai ATLAS SERVICE 1901- 1913, New York- West Indies routes.
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